Malgorzata McGonigal
Illinois 5th District Congressional Candidate
Following is the open letter that was shared with media sources:

November 1, 2022

My name is Malgorzata McGonigal; I am a Polish immigrant who has lived in the Chicagoland area for nearly 25 years, and in 2022, I was a Republican candidate for the Illinois 5th Congressional District.  I felt it was necessary to come forward with my story of the experience, so the public understands some of the underlying issues in the process.

When running for political office, during the primaries you need to expect numerous questions and unfortunately the occasional threats were no different here.  However, from the first day of my candidacy, I could tell that something just didn’t seem right.  I was asked several times by some individuals in the Republican party to “step” off the ballot because they already had the “perfect candidate” in Thomas Ashton Hanson (Tommy Hanson for short).  This is Tommy’s third time running for the 5th Congressional seat (2018, 2020 & 2022.) He’s supported by the Tea Party (with Art Ellingsen) and apparently some other GOP townships.

Fortunately, I was heavily supported by numerous organizations, which can be viewed at I became highly recognized, and I was actively campaigning in the communities and spoke at dozens of events, including many that weren’t in my own district.  There was no question that my primary campaign clearly had a strong head of steam going into election day.  After the head-scratching and disappointing results of the June 28th primary, I was ready to accept the outcome and walk away.  However, questions started arising after election judges reached out to me regarding “issues” in their precincts that didn’t just affect me, but that affected other candidates.  At that time, I felt the need to start asking questions about election integrity. I decided to engage an investigative agency made up of former FBI Agents to conduct an in-depth public record search of Tommy Hanson. This was also the same investigative group I had do an investigation of me during the primary.

Before this public record report came out, there was one major issue that was already apparent: despite his claims of being a resident and businessman in Chicago for the past 25 years, Tommy Hanson doesn’t actually live in Illinois and hasn’t for quite a while.  Tommy and his wife Gabrielle Hanson (who happens to be the newly elected alderman in Williamson County, Tennessee) both reside in Franklin, Tennessee. Quick proof of this can be found by simply viewing Gabrielle’s website showing Tommy proudly standing next to her:

On October 8, 2022, I received the extensive investigative report on Thomas Ashton Hanson (born April 26, 1954), which not only corroborates the above, but outlines many other problems that, at best, would be considered highly questionable for anyone running for public office.  This report included the following:

   His primary residence is 5085 Donovan Street, Franklin Tennessee 37064, where he has resided since 2013, and NOT at 2 E. Erie Street, Chicago IL 60611 as he has claimed on his petitions.

   He currently owns a 2009 Cadillac CTS with a current Tennessee license plate registered to him at his Franklin, TN address since 2017.

   His driver’s license is issued by the state of Tennessee with the Franklin TN address.

   His last voter’s registrations show him as a “Democrat” in in the year 2000 at the Chicago address and as an “Unspecified” party in 2004, with a Wilmette IL address.

   On or around 3/31/16, Thomas and Gabrielle put their 5085 Donovan Street, Franklin TN 37064 residence in trust under the name Gabrielle Rev Trust.  At that time, the Franklin TN County Assessor’s office paperwork lists “mailing address Thomas Hanson, 2 E. Erie St, Chicago IL 60611.”

   Tommy Hanson filed for bankruptcy in Chicago Federal Court on 6/10/16. The investigation shows that correspondence for Hanson primarily goes to his Franklin TN address, not to the 2 E. Erie St. Chicago IL address that was used as the primary address on his petitions.

On Mr. Hanson’s public record Chapter 7 bankruptcy, he claimed to be legally separated from his wife although there no substantiating court record found to support that claim. Other information on the bankruptcy documents were questionable. Tommy Hanson repeatedly claims to be a realtor in Chicago, but records were not found to show he holds any active real estate license in Illinois. Current records also show that there is a federal lien on Tommy Hanson for $128,930 in unpaid taxes.

Any voting citizen who seeks to elect the best possible candidate for representation should be asking the following questions:

   What type of representation could you expect from a candidate who, not only, doesn’t live in Illinois but has been openly misrepresenting his residence and business?

   How would a candidate, who consistently talks about the need for strong “fiscal responsibility,” do the job for you, the Congressional District, and the United States, when he clearly filed for bankruptcy to manage his own affairs?

   Is this candidate running for the best interest of the citizens or simply to assist in his own personal agendas?

Most important: how can a candidate for the Republican party with this history not just run for federal office but get through the system THREE TIMES without being properly vetted?

Some may be wondering “what’s in it for me” by presenting this information. Some may think this sounds like sour grapes for the outcome of the primaries. To clarify, the reason to come forward with these certified facts is based on the desperate need for bi-partisan election integrity and a Republican Party with real vetted candidates who can win. We deserve honest representation, which starts with real candidates and real vetting.  Reform needs to be done or nothing will ever change for the better.

Sadly, Tommy Hanson is just one example of what’s wrong with the current system.  I plan on being part of the solution to clean up and restore Illinois to the great state that it can and should be.

Thank you for your time.

Malgorzata (Maggie) McGonigal

A PDF version of this document can be obtaied by clicking here