Malgorzata McGonigal
Illinois 5th District Congressional Candidate
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I'm Malgorzata McGonigal and I'm running to be the new representative of the Illinois 5th Congressional District.

As a Polish immigrant who has now lived in this region for nearly 25 years, I'm in touch with the needs of the diverse communities in Chicagoland. It's been far too long since we've had elected officials that really care and can empathize with the everyday people.  If I'm elected I will fight for YOU, not the political machines.
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Message from Malgorzata, August 8 2022
To all my supporters, thank you for your patience.  Since the primaries I haven’t made any official statements as there have been many “behind the scenes” issues that continue to this day.  At the appropriate time I’ll be at liberty to discuss further.

What I’d like everyone to know right now is the following:  I immigrated to the USA from Poland over two decades ago to pursue the American dream.  Nothing ever comes easy, but I know that dream is still there for everyone.  There will be no backing down to anything or anyone.  I will continue to fight for WE THE PEOPLE to make a real difference in our community, our state, our party and our great nation. Thank you again for all your support, and let’s all continue to look towards a brighter future.

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