Malgorzata McGonigal
Illinois 5th District Congressional Candidate
About Me:
I am originally from Poland, born in Szczecin in 1977.  I grew up in Communism, so as a child always dreamed about living in the United States and pursuing the American dream.  In 1994 I was able to temporarily move to California as a junior high school exchange student.  A year later I graduated early and had the chance to attend UCLA on scholarship, but after my parents begged me to come home I ended up heading back to Poland to study medicine.  However, after a year of medical school I realized that direction was not for me and moved to the laboratory side of education where I received my degree in electrophoresis.  To this day my mother is still mad that I didn’t become a doctor.

After school was finished I had another opportunity to come back and live full-time in the USA - which is what I wanted – and obviously I’m still here!  Since that time I’ve been living in the Chicagoland area; along with raising two children my career focus has primarily been in finance and the auto industry.  In the past couple years I started to become involved in local politics and fought for our children's rights in the schools; in turn I was was proud to have assisted with the election of new, qualified individuals to the school board.  The battle against forced masking of our children didn't end, as myself - along with other parents and an attorney who championed our cause - managed to get the unlawful Illinois school mask mandate overturned.  It is this type of passion that has led me to seek a place in congress as a representative of the people in the Illinois 5th Congressional District.  With enough support and assistance, I could become the "first ever" female Polish immigrant to be elected!

I am married and live in North Barrington with my husband Bryan (who is a local business owner), son Kevin (6th grade) and stepson Alexander (high school junior). My daughter Olivia is in college now.  My parents and other family are still overseas and I do try to visit as often as possible.

My stance and plans on the issues:
When I received my naturalization certificate and became a U.S. citizen, I promised that I would always follow the U.S constitution, abide by its laws and protect our nation against any enemy.  Here’s a brief snapshot on a few of my core viewpoints and what I will strive to accomplish as your representative:

I strongly believe we need to bring back traditional family values, and parents’ rights need to be given back to the parents.

Better funding allocation to combat crime is critical.  More resources are needed to keep our cities and neighborhoods safe.

We need significant reform in our schools to benefit both the students and the teachers.  More balanced spending and fiscal responsibility, higher educational standards, less union intervention.

Implementing a flat tax that is fair for all, and I will fight to stop criminal tax increases that feed political lobbyists.

Concentrate on creating real jobs in America.  “Made in America” is important for the livelihoods of our citizens and the integrity of our country.

We need to stop corrupt political machines that are being controlled by large, influential corporations – especially including Big Pharma.

More attention needs to be directed to our children and the world they are inheriting.  We must find ways to give them a fighting chance without having to deal with insanely high debts and a collapsing society.  We need to groom a generation of leaders and not followers.

“We The People” and freedom are more than just concepts, they are the basis for our nation.  Our country needs to get back on the right track and mindset so the American Dream can thrive for all.

This site is still being developed along with my notes on the issues that matter most to our constituents.  Some of the topics that will soon be covered in more detail are as follows:
  • Economy & Jobs
  • Community Safety
  • Healthcare
  • Education & Children
  • Veteran Services
  • Constitutional Rights
  • Bipartianship
  • Immigration
  • Government Overreach